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The bald and the beautiful

YUL BRYNNER, Samuel L. Jackson, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jason Statham, David Beckham, Rovilson Fernandez, Mark Salling (of Glee fame) and yes, even the fictional Les Grossman (a.k.a. the knuckle-ringed alter ego of Tom Cruise) have proven Delilah wrong; a buzz cut — heck, an all-the-way bald do — won’t unman a dude with attitude.

In case you missed the headline — bald is bad, bald is sexy, bald is rugged hot — losing all that hair actually means you’ve got a high MQ (manliness quotient).

“Most male pattern baldness is caused by DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which is a bypro-duct of an overabundance of testosterone. So if they want to look on the bright side, it is a sign that they are truly real men. This chemical actually chokes off the blood supply to the hair follicle, which is the main nourishment for hair growth, and in turn eventually kills the hair follicle,” Sujiivana Salon Creative Director Kne Palmer wrote BusinessWorld.

Let’s rephrase that: if you’re prematurely balding, your guy hormones have killed off all your hair.

Or, allowed Mr. Palmer, it could also be because you’ve somehow damaged the hair follicle by some mechanical means (wore that baseball cap too often, took to cornrows because maybe you grew up watching Wesley Snipes or Dennis Rodman, or back in the days of grunge, you grew your hair long and wore it in a tight ponytail; in which case, this could be remedied by getting rid of all those bad habits). Women, in this instance, can also suffer hair loss. “The constant tension put stress on the follicle and damages the follicle,” cautioned Mr. Palmer.

The last type of hair loss is alopecia, which can have many different causes (one of which is an abnormality in the immune system), and is very hard to remedy. This type starts to show up with patches of bald areas around the head, and while stress and diet can affect this type of hair loss, a doctor is better equipped to handle the case.



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