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Hair Loss » Blog » Helen Flanagan displays bald spot, experts warn her poor diet and lifestyle could be the cause by Gary Heron

Helen Flanagan displays bald spot, experts warn her poor diet and lifestyle could be the cause by Gary Heron

IT’S quite unusual that Helen Flanagan is papped looking anything less than flawless.

But the former Coronation Street actress was pictured showing what appeared to be a bald patch and considerably thinning hair.

Helen Flanagan was snapped showing a bald spot [Eamonn & James Clarke]

A top expert for The Hair Centre in London suggested that it could be problems in Helen’s lifestyle that have affected the growth.

Gary Heron, Trichologist (Head of Practice) and Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine, examined the pictures and gave his analysis.

He told OK! Online: “There are two reasons her hair may look like this. The first is a stress orientated hairline where the growth cycle is interrupted, or she could have hormone related hair loss”.

“She will need to look at her diet and lifestyle which could be a big factor. She’ll need to look at her main food groups and her dietary lifestyle problems”.

The actress has been warned over her lifestyle [Eamonn & James Clarke]

“Stress, a poor diet, poor health, or a hormone imbalance can all affect your hair”.

Gary added what Helen could do to bring back her thick hair.

“Helen should maybe get checked for problems such as polycystic ovaries or she could be suffering from anaemia. A simple blood test would be able to confirm this”.

“Her parting lines look pretty level and even which suggest the loss isn’t caused by extensions or hair colouring the way clumpy patches would”.

“With considerable treatment over the next 12 to 18 months, I think the majority would grow back,” he finished.

The former Coronation Street actress usually displays thick hair [The Sims 4]

Find the full article from OK! Online here.

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