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Factual Information on Baldness and Hair Loss


To understand baldness in a more logical perspective, it is something that is brought upon by various reasons. Some baldness are caused by some diseases that directly target hair or hair growth. Alopecia areata is an example. There is also an illness called Traction alopecia which cause people to pull on their hair. Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism, both of which are abnormalities in one’s thyroid glands, could also cause frontal and parietal hair loss, respectively. Hair loss can also be caused by a person’s insufficient diet. Inadequate protein or iron can bring about hair loss and if not diagnosed, could eventually lead to a lot of hair falling. Medical treatments such as chemotherapy and other forms of radiation and drugs can stun hair growth and could also result to hair fall. Even those who are taking contraceptive pills could also experience hair fall. And, quite surprisingly, women who just gave birth and who thought that the only things that they need to worry about after giving birth are the baby and their figures may also experience excessive amounts of their hair falling.

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  1. Laverne Trapanese Says:

    Having significant hair loss around back of the neck, with dry patches. Looking for a trichologist in the Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, area.
    Also, would like to know the cost of a consultation


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