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How to cope with women’s hair loss

miriam-blueThe Daily Mirror’s expert on health, sex, relationships and family and author of more than 50 books.

Sigourney Weaver bravely had her head shaved for Alien 3, Demi Moore went bald for GI Jane and Natalie Portman dared to bare in V For Vendetta – but very few women would choose to lose their hair.

Men take it more in their stride. Harry Hill makes jokes about his baldness and actors Bruce Willis and Steve McFadden – Phil Mitchell in EastEnders – use it to enhance their tough-guy image.

But, for women, hair loss can be devastating. As a dermatologist, I saw hundreds of women who were losing their hair for all sorts of reasons from hormones to stress.

Sometimes it was curable, sometimes not. Then it became something they lived with and struggled to hide every day.

Some women, like TV presenter Gail Porter, have been determined to cope with it openly.

She lost her blonde hair as a result of the condition alopecia areata and explained: “Just because you lose your hair doesn’t mean to say that life is awful… It was easier than I thought to deal with – I thought it’s just another thing, get on with it, it’s just another part of the journey.”

Serious hair loss affects an estimated eight million women in UK, with many more suffering from more minor hair thinning.

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