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Oprah: “I Don’t Wear a Weave!”

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Remember that to grow long and healthy Black hair, you have to condition it. Do not neglect this. Black hair that is not conditioned often is dull, brittle, and damaged. Do not purchase cheap products with hair stripping ingredients, such as sulfates, alcohols, glycols, and silicones (any ingredient ending in the word “cone”). This eliminates about 96% of black hair care products available on the market. Always buy when possible “The Hair Centre” recommended range of Trichologically Balanced Treatments and Products especially designed for Black African Hair Loss Problems and Damaged Hair.



 The Average Black African Woman spends an average of £185 a month [ including damaging WEAVES and HAIR EXTENTIONS ] on all the wrong products designed and targeted at the Modern Black African Woman.



With the Correct Trichological Advice and Trichologically Balanced Treatments and Products specifically designed for you, you can indeed enjoy a full healthy head of beautiful hair in any style you chose at a fraction of the cost. 


“Why buy hair loss treatments over the counter or on the internet when you can see a Westminster Trichologist for FREE and know that you are guaranteed results”

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