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Alopecia Barbae (Beard Alopecia)

Alopecia Barbae (Beard Alopecia)

This affects the facial hair, so is usually only apparent in men, and results in bald patches amongst the normal beard growth.

Many patients have over the past 10 years asked us to develop a product to speed recovery of their facial hair.

As this region is less sensitive than the scalp, 20% Vitabio Recovery Lotion has been made stronger than the regular Vitastim and Biostim range.

Accordingly you should start off with a small amount of product in the effected region and then gradually increase to the desired level.

A twice daily application is all that is required. Therefore treatment normally lasts an average of 6 to 12 months depending on the extent of the areas being covered and the time you have had this condition.

20% Vitabio can be used in conjunction with the rest of the Vitastim and Biostim range:






In order to treat Alopecia Barbae (Beard Alopecia) effectively we would recommend that you have a diagnosis made as soon as possible by one of our experienced Westminster Trichologists. Stress can be an aggravator in almost all cases of hair loss and an accurate diagnosis will always, at the very least, take some of the stress away from you.

Gary Heron says: “You’ll have access to the most effective treatments available through The Hair Centre and at a fraction of the cost of going to other Private Commercial Clinics and Centres.”

When it’s time to see the Trichologist: If you begin losing hair rapidly, and or are cosmetically concerned about baldness, consult your Trichologist about treatment options. You can receive a free hair loss consultation with a Westminster Trichologist at our Hair Centre.

The point is that you are not getting to the real problem and you should seek specific professional advice from a Westminster Trichologist.

“Why buy hair loss treatments over the counter or on the internet when you can see a Westminster Trichologist for FREE and know that you are guaranteed results”

Do you have Hair Loss Problems, read our Hair Loss Help

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4 Responses to “Alopecia Barbae (Beard Alopecia)”

  1. Matt Farr Says:

    I have this disorder as I was diagnosed by a dermatologist 3 years ago. They prescribed me with various creams, but nothing seem to work. Some of the hair has grown back on one side but it appears I have another sport on the other side :(

    Could someone contact me about any product I could use?



  2. Ron Says:


    My name is Ron, I’m current having that problem in my chin I don’t know what to or dermatologist to go..
    I’m 25 years old very healty.. I need to buy that cream please link me up with info about please!!!
    I appreciates your intelligence in this world for real…
    Thank you!


  3. Gary Heron Says:

    Hi Ron
    Call the centre for advice on 0207 976 6868 between 10am and 5pm to discuss your condition and we will see if we can help.

  4. Ron Says:

    Hi Mr.Heron,

    Thank you very much for your replay.
    Does that number have an area code?
    Wherere you guys located it?
    Thanks .

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