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Hair Loss » Blog » COMBAT HAIR LOSS: How To Grow Your Hair Back (Part 9)

COMBAT HAIR LOSS: How To Grow Your Hair Back (Part 9)

Another group of products increases cellular oxygen levels and stimulates increased Mytosis (hair cell production); again the growth benefits appear helpful.

The largest group of products are those derived by sheer chance, the “Empirical” group, and they are in very good company, very many of our best known pharmaceutical drugs were originally found empirically, in other words, by guess work, or more frequently, complete chance, i.e. it was noticed that they worked.  Many of these products have been shown in trials to exert a hair growth effect and, providing a realistic expectation is assumed, these products can be very helpful.

It is undoubtedly true that as more basic research into hair biology and structure is undertaken, more compounds will appear, possibly with greater efficacy than those at present available.

One must also consider the “placebo” effect, the amount of growth effect you can produce with a dummy lotion, a pretend product, and against which all the growth products have to be measured when they are appraised in clinical trials.  The placebo effect for hair growth products is astonishingly high, 30 to 35%, and any product claiming to have a growth effect will have to have a measurable growth response higher than 35%.  Many quite promising and technically interesting products have failed at this hurdle.

We all want to have a hair growth product and we want to grow our hair back and look younger.  In some cases you can do this, but where the base cause is genetically determined, where the gradual degeneration and hair loss have already been set in stone before birth (or, to be precise, encoded in our DNA sequences – all six billion molecular pairs), the overwhelming force of events is in a set direction and moving against that force, in the opposite direction, is extremely difficult to achieve.

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