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A Cure For Baldness

We’ve heard it all before: This product cures baldness! You’ll grow real hair! You’ll have a hot 25-year-old girlfriend and a new sports car in no time — and your wife won’t mind at all!

Fighting baldness is a $1 billion a year industry, yet what do you see when you go out in public? A lot of bald guys. I’m sure plenty of them are perfectly content being bald, and some women find bald men more attractive.

But for those follicly-challenged — men and women alike — that are still searching for a miracle cure, scientists may have stumbled across an answer.

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While studying the role of stem cells in skin regeneration, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania medical center say they’ve been able to regenerate new hair follicles in adult mice. They weren’t trying to cure baldness, but they say that they may have, by combining stem cells with a secret compound.

This is different from hair loss drugs like Propecia and Rogaine, which help people maintain their hair but don’t grow new hair.

As Dr. Nancy Snyderman said, this treatment could be on the market for humans within three years.

But seriously, what would we do without bald men? Kojack wouldn’t have been Kojack, Larry David would have one less thing to complain about, and Gandhi would have had to spend a fortune on hair products.

Is that really what we want?

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