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Alopecia Areata Is Treatable

Some hair loss is the result of a type of immune disorder known as alopecia areata: some 2.5 million people suffer from this condition in which antibodies attack the hair follicle, causing the hair to fall out. Alopecia areata often causes small, oval or circular areas of hair loss. However, in some forms of the condition, all the scalp hair falls out; in other forms, all body hair is lost. Although the loss is usually temporary, the condition can recur. Treatments include treatments or the use of chemicals to produce an allergic reaction to start the hair growing again.

Finally, chronic, systemic conditions: including one form of lupus, abnormal kidney and liver function, and hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism: can affect the hair. If you’re experiencing hair loss, see one of our Westminster Trichologists. He or she will want to order some basic blood tests to rule out any medical cause of the condition and recommend a course of treatment to deal with your hair loss problem.








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