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Another Athlete Using Propecia

We feel that Propecia should be allowed to be used by sportsmen The use of the medication Propecia seems to be on the increase among professional sportsman as is ascertained by the recent case of a football player failing drug testing in the Brazilian football league recently. The Brazilian soccer confederation issued a statement saying that the international player Marcao tested positive for the finasteride drug (which is the key ingredient of Propecia) after the random test at the end of the game against Juventude last month.

In line with the regulations of the Brazilian soccer confederation the player will not be suspended until he has been allowed to explain his actions to a committee, however it is likely that he will receive a ban from playing professional soccer for a period of time. It is thought that many of the professional athletes who test positive for the Propecia hair loss drug do so because they do not know that they are not allowed to use it if they play professional sport. Because it sounds so harmless and because it is not a performance enhancing drug Propecia is often overlooked by these athletes. Propecia is banned because it can act as a masking agent and cover up the effects of other drugs which are performance enhancing.

Propecia is used by millions of men all around the world today and has become so commonplace that it is a topic which men are happy to bring up with their friends at the bar. At Ukmedix News we discussed this recently and of all the hair loss restoration products on the market today Propecia is without a doubt the simplest to use as all you need to do is pop a tiny  pill once a day.

At Ukmedix News we feel that Propecia should be allowed to be used by sportsmen provided that they inform the relevant doping authorities that they are using it as we think that it is unfair that a man should lose his hair just because he wants to continue playing professional sports.

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