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Another Olympic Sportsman Using Propecia

The rules on using Propecia are very clear. With the media spotlight on the Olympic Games in Beijing yet another athlete has tested positive for using the hair loss medication Propecia. In this case an Israeli sportsman Udi Gal who was hoping to compete in the Olympics in the sailing category failed a routine urine test which was undertaken by the Olympic Committee of Israel. It is possible that as a result the International Sailing Federation will ban Mr. Gal from competing in the Olympic Games which is a particular blow for the Israeli Olympic hopes as he remains a favourite to win the gold medal for sailing.

In line with correct procedure the Olympic Committee of Israel has given instructions for Mr. Gal to submit a further urine sample and then following this the OCI will meet with the International Sailing Federation and the World Anti Doping Agency to decide whether he can compete. At this point it is extremely improbable that he will be given the go ahead as the rules on using Propecia are very clear. Mr. Gal who is a full member of the Israeli Olympic Sportsmen Committee has not denied using the Propecia hair loss drug and it is clear that he was using it not to disguise the taking of performance enhancing drugs but to prevent further male pattern baldness.

It is becoming very obvious that many sportsmen take the risk of using Propecia rather then losing their hair and thus it is likely that before the Beijing Olympics Games start more athletes will test positive for Propecia. It is ridiculous that men are not allowed to use Propecia to stop the effects of male pattern baldness which can be very damaging to confidence. The Propecia drug has no performance enhancing effects and therefore it should be struck off the World Anti Doping Agency register of prohibited medications right now.

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