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Hair Loss » Blog » At risk for hair loss? New gene test could predict chance of baldness

At risk for hair loss? New gene test could predict chance of baldness

Swab which is then sent to a lab. Researchers look for a genetic variation on the ‘X’ chromosome that’s linked to hair loss.

“There’s something psychological about having your hair. It’s not totally getting old,” said Tom Mastanduono.

Tom just got his results.

“Wow … low risk,” he said.

Low-risk means you have an 80-percent chance of holding onto your hair. High risk means a 60 percent chance of severe hair loss by 40.

Tom’s 15-year-old son Eric is up next.

“I can see here that I’m high risk. It’s a bit shocking to find out at such a young age,” said Eric.

100 million Americans have hair loss, including about 60 million men. Doctors say that for those who want to know more about their future, the gene test can be empowering.

“This just gives another piece of information and then you decide with your doctor what you want to do,” said Alan Bauman, M.D., Board-Certified Hair Restoration Physician.

Tom’s low risk, but will keep getting hair preservation therapy. But high-risk Eric isn’t worried just yet.

“I don’t really care, like, right now. It’s not of that much importance, because I have a full head of hair, and it doesn’t really matter that much,” he said.

But he admits his opinions may change in the future.

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Drugs such as Finasteride and Minoxidil can help slow baldness and promote hair growth.

Dr. Bauman says the test, which is available for men and women — costs less than $200. The Hair-DX genetic test is only available through a qualified doctor.


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