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Athletes Still Angry Despite Lifting Of Propecia Ban

While the news that the hair loss drug Propecia will be removed from the list of banned substances has been received with a cheer from most professional athletes, many of them say that they are still angry that the hair loss drug was ever part of the World Anti Doping Agency regulations in the first place.

For example the professional tennis player Mark Nielsen from New Zealand who has dropped hugely in world ranking as a result of being banned for two years is still smarting from what he feels was an incredibly unfair decision. The fact that the active ingredient of the hair loss drug Propecia namely finasteride has now been shown to not interfere or mask the use of anabolic steroids means that his ban was completely in vain.

Many other male professional athletes have tested positive for using Propecia over the last few years including the Brazilian soccer legend Romario, the Italian golfer Alessandro Pissilli, Zach Lund the skeleton racer and Mariano Hood a rival tennis player of Mark Nielsen from Argentina.

These athletes who have been banned say that not only did they have extensive media coverage on the embarrassing issue of their hair loss but they have also been made out to have been “cheating” in their respective sport which has cast a shadow over their reputations. They also complain about the huge amount of money they have spent on legal fees and loss of earnings from not being able to participate in their respective sports.

On the other side of the argument people will argue that despite the drug having no performance enhancing effect, professional sportsman should take it upon themselves to make sure they know what drugs they can and cannot take, and if they had checked they would’ve known that Propecia could not be used.

At Ukmedix News we know that some male athletes faced with a choice of taking a risk in order to maintain a full head of hair are prepared to take that step. It is estimated that for every male athlete who was caught using the Propecia drug there are many more who got away with it and who have therefore reaped the benefits of the drug.

Propecia is statistically the most effective drug to deal with male pattern baldness and is used by millions of men all over the world. The drug company Merck that makes the Propecia hair loss drug has welcomed the news that finasteride has been taken off the WADA list of banned substances.

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