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Hair Loss » Blog » Berlusconi’s wandering eye … and a hairline to match

Berlusconi’s wandering eye … and a hairline to match

Does he or doesn’t he?


Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi’s hair goes back and forth — sometimes in a matter of days —

from barely there (centre), to sparse (left) to splendid.

Newspapers ran photos of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi with a full head of hair Saturday, when he attended a wedding, with pictures two days later in which his hair seemed to have receded several centimetres.

Rumours abound that the 73-year-old uses a dark spray to fill in the gaps.

The answer, the Daily Telegraph reports, is likely behind Berlusconi’s visit to a hospital in Milan on Monday. His doctors wanted to examine any scars remaining from an attack in December when he was struck by a souvenir of Milan’s cathedral by a mentally ill man. Berlusconi suffered a fractured nose, two broken teeth and cuts to his face.

Berlusconi, who has been at the centre of a series of sex scandals, turned up at the hospital without the foundation makeup that normally coats his face. More importantly, to those obsessed with his hair, is that he didn’t deploy any of the various cosmetic tricks which normally give the impression of a full head of hair, the Telegraph reports.

A specialist in plastic surgery and dermatology from Turin, Franco Buttafarro, speculated the prime minister normally used an armoury of sprays, powders and makeup pencils to enhance the visual effects of a hair transplant he underwent in 2004.

It looked as though Berlusconi normally used a silicone-based spray or coloured cream to darken gaps between individual strands of hair, together with a makeup pencil to more sharply define his hairline, Buttafarro told the Telegraph.

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