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Bill & Ted confronting middle-aged weight gain and hair loss might just work


It’s a strange thing when you realise the pop culture of your childhood has ripened to the extent it’s now a category in the nostalgia market. But that’s exactly what happened when those of us in our mid-twenties heard the news last September that a second sequel to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure was in the works. Could it happen? Doubt was the obvious reaction: how could the film’s original bodacious dudes work in a third outing when they were both settling into middle age?

The trail went dead until earlier this week when in an interview Keanu Reeves revealed that a script was mere weeks away, with production presumably to begin soon after. It’s not hard to see the motivation: the only person who needs a hit more than Reeves is his co-star Alex Winter, who most recently appeared in something called Ben 10: Alien Swarm. Some revenue would presumably be more than welcome for them both – but is it a good thing?

Well, there’s other people’s nostalgia, and then there’s your own. I’ve always been baffled by the eighties revival (which seems to have lasted longer than the eighties themselves) and was left cold by the belated sequels to Tron and Wall Street. Then again, I’m of the generation that can recite verbatim whole scenes from Wayne’s World and Jurassic Park. I could fulminate all day about how aesthetically worthless it is to so pander to those wistful for their lost youth, or about how lazy it is to cash in on a pair of films which hardly set the world on fire. I could lambast whichever coked-up hack looked to his DVD shelf rather than his soul for inspiration. But, you know, it’s Bill and Ted, and I just can’t.

Anyway, a B&T sequel might just work. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to see the definitive South California airheads confronting their later years, their cheery optimism colliding with the sad realities of weight gain, hair loss and creaking joints? Or am I letting nostalgia blind me?

Oh, and whatever you do, be excellent to each other

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