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Male Hair Loss
Male Hair Loss

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Biostim Blocking DHT to Stop Male Hair Loss


Science has long known that the majority of male pattern baldness is caused by a combination of genetics and the effects of DHT. DHT, also known by its chemical name Dihydrotestosterone, is a byproduct of our own male hormone testosterone. A naturally-occurring enzyme called 5 alpha-reductase (5AR) binds with testosterone and mutates it into DHT. DHT is a virulent hormonal byproduct that attacks genetically susceptible hair follicles, resulting in hair loss in men. Since the mechanism by which DHT acts on hair is fairly well understood, it would seem that blocking DHT would be a straightforward solution. Unfortunately, blocking DHT is only one step in the battle against male hair loss.
In order to truly “block” DHT from causing hair loss, one of two general approaches to DHT-blocking must be taken.

1. Blocking DHT from attaching to androgen receptors in the hair follicle to prevent it from killing off the hair follicle.
2. Block the transformation of testosterone into DHT in the first place.

Many prescription hair loss medications focus on only the first option, blocking the receptor cells of the hair follicle so that DHT cannot bind to the hair follicle. While this can reduce the rate of hair loss, a more effective methodology would include blocking the chemical process that changes testosterone into DHT, without reducing or effecting testosterone levels, as some medications do. A dual approach to blocking DHT tends to be more effective than hair loss solutions that only focus on one component of the DHT problem.
Biostim is an all-natural supplement for male hair loss a topical lotion with a nutritional supplement to stopping hair loss, without the usage of medication. For more information about the Biostim DHT-blocking system

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