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Hair Loss » Blog » Bizarre baldness strikes female spectacled bears in Leipzig zoo

Bizarre baldness strikes female spectacled bears in Leipzig zoo


It’s a tough time to be a spectacled bear at the zoo in Leipzig, Germany — at least, it’s a tough time to be a female spectacled bear.  Veterinarians are struggling to determine why the zoo’s female spectacled bears have suddenly lost nearly all their fur, which is typically shaggy for both females and males of their species.  There has been speculation that a genetic defect could be responsible, but beyond the obvious hair loss and its accompanying itchiness, no other symptoms have been noted in the affected bears.

The U.K.’s Daily Mail reports that zoogoers have turned out in droves to see the bizarre, as-yet-unexplained sight of the balding bears.  Dolores, above, and Lolita, another female, have retained tufts of fur around their faces and chests.  Meanwhile, according to the Sun, keepers have contacted a number of other zoos worldwide to ask for advice on the bizarre malady.

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  1. Anna Says:

    I am so sad to learn the news about the female spectacled bears. Hair loss is not only a problem for human being! Greatly hopt that the veterinarians can help them.

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