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Britain’s pretty boys turning to their partners’ make-up bags

Daily Mail online

One in ten British males has confessed to using their partner’s make-up while nearly a third have borrowed women’s nail products and hair styling gadgets, according to a new survey.

Fed up with unsightly hairs, blemishes and rough skin, image-conscious men have admitted secretly dipping into the make-up bag owned by the women in their lives.

Concealer and foundation – long the ultimate beauty essentials for women – are becoming increasingly popular, with one tenth of men admitting to using them.


Russell Brand and Alex Reid are famous for wearing make up, but not all British men are as open about their use of beauty products

Tweezers were the top beauty steal – used by 39 per cent of men – while 37 per cent confessed to using their other half’s moisturiser.

One third of men admitted to using at least three beauty products or gadgets, while nail files, hair styling products and lip gloss were used by more than 20 per cent of the 2000 men surveyed.

Face masks, scrubs, razors, and hair removal cream were also in the top ten beauty products favoured by men.


Nail files and moisturiser are among the products favoured by British males

Hair straighteners, fake tan, nail polish and mascara were also popular.

Despite the rising popularity of make up amongst men – seen in the likes of celebrities including Russell Brand and Alex Reid – it seems the average British male prefers to keep his beauty regime a secret.

More than a third of those surveyed said they had not revealed their habits to their partner – despite the same number of women claiming to have caught their other halves using their products.

Men from London were found to be the most secretive, with almost 60 per cent choosing to hide their regime from their partners.

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