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Buyer Beware: Don’t Fall For Hair Loss Product Scams.


Make no mistake about it hair loss treatment scams abound in today’s society. All you have to do is take a look online. You will uncover so many hair loss products that claim to absolutely do away with hair loss for good. These scams have unfortunately robbed many people of their hard earned money and maybe even worse, their hopes of ever uncoveringing a true help for their situation.

But is it fair to completely regard the whole hair loss industry as fake? Are the patients who are losing hair prematurely at the mercy of their fate only? Certainly not, as there are some treatments available that are quite genuine, safe and available within a tight budget. The FDA evaluated some of them and others have included the natural ingredients into their drugs or the treatment procedure to treat hair loss problems. But effectiveness of these treatment highly depends on several factors affecting individual cases.

Let’s Find a Good Treatment for you:

The first step to successful treatment is to uncover the real cause of the hair loss problem. That may sound simple but you will be amazed at how many people skip this step. As most of the sufferers try to self-diagnose their problem and then proceed to their chosen treatment. Remember the loss of hair can sometimes be attributed to certain medications. In these cases the hair will recover once the drug is stopped. So don’t just rush out to begin a medication as the cause for your loss of hair may be quite simple.

For example, there was a women who was pregnant for the very first time. During her pregnancy she noted that her hair actually looked healthier and fuller. However, a couple of weeks after she delivered her baby, she began to see her hair shedding more than usual. This continued and caused her significant worry. She absolutely thought she was going bald. The good news is after about 6 months this shedding stopped and her hair began to fill out again as it is common for women to lose hair after they give birth. This occurence may be due to changing hormonal levels.

Tips for Choosing the Right Medication:

After the proper diagnosis of the cause, one can opt for the best medication available and affordable at the time. The treatment can be as easy as taking an over-the- counter products or some prescription drugs to correct the imbalance of certain hormones. If the damage to the hair follicles is mild than these over the counter medications may be successful. One choice is to take minoxidil which suppresses baldness. However, if there is extensive thinning of the hair it likely reveals extensive damage to the hair follicles. In these extreme cases a hair transplant my be the way to go.

There are many causes things that contribute to the thinning of the hair, like disturbance of hormone activities, wrong methods of grooming, lack of proper diet, side effects of some medical drugs and misuse of some drugs or chemicals, weak immune system, aging etc. But there’s no reason to give up, as with the right treatment all concerns of losing hair can be resolved effectively.

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