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Chemical Burns Caused By Hair Relaxers.

Question: I used a relaxer about 2 months ago on my hair and it caused my hair to snap and break and I got a bald spot on my scalp and I can not see any hair. It has begun to hurt a little bit since last week. Is it a chemical burn? How could something like this happen? How can I treat this problem? I am very worried,that the hair won’t grow there anymore and that I will have permanent damage, is this possible? Could you please advise me about how best to treat this so that it will be healed up soon and recover? This is very worring. What’s best to do?

Answer: Chemical burns from relaxers are a very common complaint. If the burn went down to the hair root level, it may not return and the damage may be permanent and lead to scar tissue damage. You must wait this out for about 6 or 7 months and then and only then you will know. If you are still worried, as you sound, then why not book an appointment and see one of our trichologists that specialise in black hair complaints, disorders and damage.

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