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Chemicals and Treatments can cause severe Hair Loss.

Chemical trauma through over processing the hair with either relaxers or colours can cause excessive hair loss and in some cases permanent damaging and scarring. The early signs are a change in hair texture, split ends and fragile hair always breaking. These problems can easily escalate in to bigger and more and more costly long term problems if ignored.

Year in and year out both men and women spend more and more money on enhancing their appearance as the youthful look of today’s society is a number one demand. We buy products by the dozen and spend millions as a nation on products and processes to make our hair look stunning and at its very best.

But the down side is that we more often than not we self inflict damage on our already beautiful hair all by ourselves with the constant over use and misuse of colours, relaxers, straightners and products. These invariably do more damage in the long term rather than just leaving your hair alone. 

Thinning hair through the lack of nutrients in your diet and the stress of modern society are right up there as the number one enemy of a healthy head of hair today, along with aggressive chemicals and the constant use of straightners.

We all lose hair continuously and that is normal as the hair has a natural replacement cycle. It is when it is excessive that we should seek help and advice immediately.

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