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Chris Rock talks good hair

Chris Rock appeared on the Oprah Show last week promoting his new documentary Good Hair, which examines the lengths black women go to to keep their hair looking more like the hair of Europeans. He’s said he decided to do the documentary, which opens October 9, after a conversation with his little girl who appeared to have some hang-ups about not having long, straight hair.


On the same Oprah show, Beyonce Knowles’s sister Solange also appeared, saying that their mother, a beautician, taught her daughters to not use the term “good hair.” That all healthy hair is good hair.

Oprah also revealed some of her hair issues. She said that sometimes her hair needs a rest, and so she’s done weaves, braids, and chemical relaxers which involves lots of blow drying.

YouTube Preview Image

Rock is not the first to tackle the issue of African-American women and their feelings about their hair and the use of the term “good hair” to mean hair more like European hair. How to care for African-American hair and attitudes toward black women choosing to wear their hair in natural styles such as Afros, braids, twist, or dreads is a topic addressed on many blogs, and in magazine articles. There’s even a website,, that talks natural hair for black women.

Here’s YouTube video from Rock’s documentary.

YouTube Preview Image

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