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Cloning Hair Can It Be Done?

Question: Can doctors clone donor hairs so that the amount of available donor hairs is no longer an issue with transplant surgery?

Answer: Hair cloning as an issue keeps coming up because it seems to be promoted by some unscrupulous people who use the cloning ‘card’ as a way to elevate their own position of authority in this business. There is no cloning on the short-term horizon for hair, despite claims to the contrary. If and when the cloning problem for hair is solved from a research perspective that can be replicated ,it will take legislation to make that reality into a clinical tool. Hair was first cloned by Jahoda in Scotland in the late1980s. Since then, there is been a relatively long silence in the industry on repeating his work. His report stands alone as a successful cloning experiment. Attempts to do this in mice and other animals have produced many dead animals in at least one study I have been told about. Attempts to do this in humans have met with failure after failure. Fortunately, no deaths have occurred. I would urge anyone who sees this promoted as a reality to ignore these claims or check with the centre for any updates on hair cloning.

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