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Hair Loss » Blog » COMBAT HAIR LOSS: How To Grow Your Hair Back (Part 7)

COMBAT HAIR LOSS: How To Grow Your Hair Back (Part 7)


We come now to the second group of factors, those with a positive effect, the “boosters”, which we need to consider now that we have eliminated as many as possible of the negative group, but do not underestimate the boost that can be achieved in hair growth and condition by getting all the correct elements in place and simply eliminating the negative factors.

In the positive group we must genuinely take a holistic approach to our own well being, and a simple regime of a good, varied diet (especially the fresh fruit and vegetables), moderate exercise and controlled stress levels will optimise our hair growth and condition.  Within that genetic blueprint you really can produce substantial improvements in this way.

What then of the hair growth products, the would-be chemical “Exorcets”, do they work?  Can they assist?  There are a surprisingly large number of agents known that are clinically proven to produce hair growth, not always it might be said in the required place, and not usually at the rate that would be wished by the recipient.  The central problem lies in the invariable genetic nature of the hair loss which provides a slightly tilted horizon, a downward sloping background, which, short of genetic engineering, we will have to live with, and even if the baldness gene or genes can eventually be identified, which one can be sure will eventually happen, it is not clear whether the loss for everyone of this marker of maturity and hopefully wisdom would really be such a good idea.

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