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Hair Loss » Blog » Did Prince William Propose To Kate Because He’s Going Bald?

Did Prince William Propose To Kate Because He’s Going Bald?

The New York Times seems to think William’s hair loss could have been a factor in his proposal.

Proposing to your long-time girlfriend because you’re losing your hair isn’t exactly our idea of fairytale romance, but, according to the New York Times, it very well may have been a factor in Prince William’s decision to put a ring on Kate Middleton.

It’s no big secret that William, who made People Magazine’s Most Beautiful list back in 1998, has prematurely been going bald. Prince Harry, in a dual interview with William in 2009, even cracked a joke about it, and let’s not forget the Hello! Magazine Photoshop scandal of last year, in which the British magazine was accused of digitally covering up William’s bald spot.

However, according to the Times, the loss of his heartthrob status may have caused William to finally take Kate off the market. (Not that Waitie-Katie seemed to be going anywhere.) Is Kate Middleton Trying Too Hard To Be Princess Di?

“Men may give themselves some leeway when it comes to putting on a few extra pounds and having wrinkles (two typical areas of concern among aging women hoping to attract a mate). But hair loss — both androgenic alopecia, often referred to as male-pattern baldness, and alopecia areata, which typically involves temporary and localized shedding — can be emotionally traumatic, especially for men in their 20s,” stated the New York Times.

So did William take a look in the mirror one morning and decide that, at 28 years old, it was time to settle down? Or did his age and how long he had been dating Kate also contribute to a perfect storm of reasons to propose? Either way, it doesn’t seem like Kate minds William’s bald spot, so he shouldn’t be too worried!

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