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Will Young takes pills to halt hair loss


Will Young takes pills to stop losing his hair.

The ‘Hopes and Fears’ singer started losing his locks four years ago so took medication in a bid to get it to grow back, and while it is working, he is worried his hair will start falling out again.


Will Young – Hopes & Fears – NEW OFFICIAL VIDEO

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He said: “I love my hair – my barber, Paul, has given me a 50s style with a bit of a quiff. I take Propecia pills for my hair, because I started losing it four years ago.

“It’s a horrible thing – it’s emasculating and you just feel you aren’t sexy any more. The pills worked and my hair grew back, but I am sure they’ll stop working.”

Young also says he feels he has now grown into his style.

He told Britain’s Guardian newspaper: “I am happy with my style. I feel like a man now. I felt like a little boy before, but then I suppose I was one.

“James Brown told me to always dress smart and, since he passed away, I try to for work. Really, I am not a smart person – I’ve always been scruffy, a bit Oxfam.”

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