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Even Jon Bon Jovi Suffers From Male Pattern Baldness


Male pattern baldness can be distressing to the regular guy who has a regular haircut and does a regular job but if you are world famous rock star Jon Bon Jovi losing your hair can be catastrophic. Jon Bon Jovi over his career has been identified with his big hair and losing it is said to be causing him a lot of worry.

Jon who is 46 years old has been slowly cutting his hair back from his big hair rocking days in recent years which is a very sensible thing to do. Men who are suffering from male pattern baldness should never try to cover up their hair loss by growing their hair long because it will merely make it more obvious. Short hair is always the way forward to minimise the visual effects of male pattern baldness.

Rumour has it that Jon has started getting treatment for his male pattern baldness but it is not known whether he is using a hair loss drug. Many rock stars, celebrities and film stars whose images are part of their corporate identity often opt for hair transplant surgery when their hair loss becomes noticeable. John Travolta, Mel Gibson and Kevin Costner are all known to have made use of hair transplant surgery to beat the effects of male pattern baldness. We have also previously reported on the fact that Tom Hanks has made use of a hair loss drug with good effects.

You should take a decision about whether your hair is important you immediately when male pattern baldness begins to appear because the longer you delay doing something about it the more likely your treatment will be ineffective. Men who use hair loss drugs at the first sign of male pattern baldness have much higher success rate than those who delay taking it for a number of years.

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