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FEMALE BALDNESS: Weaving your way to hair loss: by “thelondonpaper”

Weaving your way to hair loss

Ravneet Ahluwalia finds out how women can avoid the hair loss that appears to be affecting troubled supermodel Naomi Campbell

Naomi has been doing it from age 14, so there’s a price to pay”

As if Naomi Campbell didn’t have enough problems. On top of her traumatic love life, anger issues and community service for her air- rage assault, she now appears to be going bald.

Pictures of the model’s receding hairline have appeared in the media of late – and experts are blaming years of wearing weaves.

But can weaves cause baldness? In London’s Afro- Caribbean community they have overtaken braids and chemical treatments as the most popular way of styling hair.

Trichologist, or hair specialist, Renee Lagrange says they are fine – if your hair is healthy. “ If it is breaking or thinning, do not consider it,” she warns. “ People think instead of chemically straightening the hair when it is weak, they will give it time to recover by putting in a weave – but they are causing more damage.”

And the British weather adds to the problem.

“ Afro- Caribbean hair tends to lose moisture in the UK because it is not as humid here as in African or Caribbean climates,” Lagrange explains. “ This causes hair to become brittle and break. Putting stress on weak hair with the weight of a weave will cause it to thin or fall out.

“ With Naomi, her patch is likely to be due to the fact she has worn very heavy hair for years. The weight has taken its toll and pulled the hair out.”

Celebrity hairdresser Errol Douglas, who has styled Naomi and Kelly Rowland, agrees. “ There’s no doubt about it – Naomi is going bald. If you’re constantly wearing weaves you’re not giving your hair a chance to recover and she’s changing it all the time in order to have the right look,” he says. “ She has been doing this since she was 14 and she’s now 38, so there’s a price to pay.”

Even if your hair is healthy, you need to take care if you are putting in a weave. Braidin weaves are the best option as glue- in weaves use chemicals that can damage the hair and scalp – but you must be careful not to braid the hair too tightly as it can lead to alopecia. Hair professionals agree that it is best to keep a weave in for only three months and have three months’ break to let the hair and scalp recover.

Lagrange says if you do want a straight look – and your hair is in good condition – the best option is to get it professionally treated with chemicals once every 12 weeks. More frequently than this can cause damage.

Experts say that everyone can be treated and with time and patience the hair will recover. But is it too late for Naomi or could she soon be sporting a notsofashionable slaphead? “ She would see a difference if she left her hair for a year and had intensive treatment,” says Douglas. “ But Naomi would never be seen without a weave. I’ve given her all this advice but she’s not going to do it – she just needs to take some time out.”

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This article was published on 23rd July 2008

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  1. Gary Says:

    Dear Tina

    Traction alopecia is hair loss caused by constant tension on the hair, such as that created by an over-tight of weaves,hair pieces,hair extentions, ponytail, plaiting or through using too tight rollers to style the hair. The action of pulling on the hair over a long period of time results in the gradual shrinking of the hair follicle and so the hairs produced become finer and finer. So be very careful when using a hair weaving system.

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