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Female Hair Loss

Question: I’m female, aged 31. Recently I’ve noticed that my hair is falling out at a great rate in the shower. I haven’t changed my shampoo. It doesn’t hurt, but is quite alarming. What is causing it?

Dr Dan Rutherford


Answer: Some hair loss is common in women after the menopause, but is less common before it. The pattern of loss tends to be diffused over the scalp, unlike in men where the hair recedes at the front and a bald patch develops over the crown.

Ask your GP to check if your thyroid and other hormone levels are normal. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is common because it involves over-sensitivity to the “androgen” sex hormones and may be accompanied by excessive scalp hair loss. Medical treatment can help counteract the hormone imbalance. You could also try minoxidil solution (Regaine) twice daily. This is available without prescription but does not help everyone and takes weeks to have any effect. A skin specialist can check if there is something specifically wrong with your scalp.

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