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Black female hair loss treated

Edith is 50 years old. She has used relaxers and weaves continuously since the age of 20.

That is over 30 years of abuse to her hair and scalp with chemicals and traction throught relaxers and weave ons.

These are her stunning results after just 7 months of using a combination of Vitastim and Biostims trichologically balanced treatments under the direction and supervision of our lead consultant trichologist Gary Heron.

This could be you in just 7 months.  




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3 Responses to “Black female hair loss treated”

  1. Cassie Cary Says:

    I am not in the UK and cannot visit your clinic. Do you sell your products online?

  2. Lajuana Palmer Says:

    I would also like to buy your products.

  3. Gary Says:

    Please contact the Centre to place an order. Call 0207 976 6868.

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