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Male Hair Loss
Male Hair Loss



This Patient first came to us in September 2006. She was suffering from severe Traction Alopecia and Chemical Trauma. As you can see she was virtually bald. The hair you see in the first photograph is extensions in plaits. Apart from the extensions she literally has no hair. It has taken just 20 months to achieve these fantastic results, which I know the Patient is delighted with, but more importantly we have re-educated her into how to look after and maintain her hair. Black hair can be twice washed a week and steamed on a weekly basis without drying the hair out and causing breakage. This is just part of her new regime and life style change around her intensive treatment program provided by her Westminster Trichologist.   



We prescribed the following treatments:

Psoriaderm  Scalp Treatment:
This lotion contains powerful keratolytic (scale-removing) agents to soften and remove compacted scaling and sebum from the hair and scalp.  Anti-pruritic agents reduce the irritation and erythema (redness), while antiseptic agents prevent secondary infection.  This lotion also contains additional cooling and emollient properties.

Vitastim 15% Hair Regrowth Stimulant and Hair Loss Stabiliser:
This stimulant is recommended to help stabilise hair loss and strengthen existing hair.  It is a natural hop-based solution that works as a vasodilator to increase blood circulation in the scalp and so enable healthy hair growth.  It also contains a multi-vitamin complex to help catalyse the process of conversion of amino acids into keratin hair cells and accelerate growth and diameter of the hair from the dermal papilla.

Follicle Builder 15% Hair Strengthener:
This stimulant is formulated to increase cell metabolism and nutrient concentration at the hair root to increase hair cell production.  It also has the effect of extending the hair growth cycle, improving overall hair density.

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