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Female Hair Loss Treated With Vitastim and Biostim

August 2009 (10)Picture 497

A 38 year old woman taking treatment from August 2009 to March 2010.

Question: If I use Vitastim and Biostim instead of Minoxidil 2% as I cannot use a stronger level and women cannot use Propecia in any shape or form, when can I see any results?

Answer: As you can see in the photographs above. This young woman saw very good results in just 7 months.

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One Response to “Female Hair Loss Treated With Vitastim and Biostim”

  1. jagadish Says:

    I have been using minoxidil with no results.Will this combination of vitastim and biostim work for me.I have thinning of hair on my crown area.I am 32 female.pls provide me with the information regarding the availability of these drugs in saudiarabia.

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