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Food Tips For Healthy Hair

Everybody wants perfect hair but sometimes it seems like mission impossible however it seems that eating certain foods can not only be good for your body but help you achieve healthy hair too. Fantastic!

Eating a healthy diet will ensure that your hair follicles get enough blood to ensure strong, new healthy hair growth. Blood-producing foods like nuts, seeds and dark berries are excellent for improving your hair.

It is important to stay well hydrated and avoid substances that dehydrate the body, such as caffeine and alcohol. Consuming too much caffeine can also cause the body to lose reserves of minerals such as iron and this can exacerbate hair thinning and loss. Stick to water and fresh juices. Believe it or not water makes up a quarter of the weight of a strand of her. Moisture makes hair supple so make sure you are getting plenty of it to keep your hair, and skin, in good condition.

Zinc is necessary for building hair protein and in preventing hair loss. Meat, seafood and dark leafy vegetables like spinach all have agood supply of zinc.

You can optimize your natural color with a diet with plenty of copper. Shellfish, fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds and meat are all high in copper.

Vitamins B and C are important for good circulation, strong, supple strands of hair that do not split, and hair growth and color. Vitamin B – You can get vitamin B from green vegetables, beans, sunflower seeds and nuts and vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, limes, melons and berries.

Eating fatty acids can give thinning hair back its strength and lustre. Get fatty acids from oily fish such as tuna and salmon or in seeds and nuts.

If you suffer from lank and greasy hair this could be down to a lack in vitamin B. To fight off greasy hair, be sure to eat lots of whole grains, nuts, seeds, dairy products, eggs, wheatgrem, legumes and green, leafy vegetables. These are all great sources of B-complex vitamins.

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