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Hair Loss » Blog » Gail Porter dyes her growing hair electric blue for toy store Hamleys’ 250th birthday party

Gail Porter dyes her growing hair electric blue for toy store Hamleys’ 250th birthday party


She recently said she didn’t know what to do with her hair after it began growing back, insisting she preferred being bald.

But it seems alopecia sufferer Gail Porter is beginning to enjoy experimenting with her new locks.

Having already bleached it blonde and documenting it on Twitter, last night the 38-year-old presenter showed off her new electric blue style.

Gail Blue

She’s electric: Gail Porter dyed her hair blue last night as she attended the 250th birthday party for Hamleys toy store

Gail, who began losing her hair five years ago, showcased her standout look as she attended the 250th birthday party for toy store Hamleys in London’s Regent Street.

She brought her six-year-old daughter Honey along – whom she gave birth to in 2002 while with Toploader guitarist Dan Hipgrave – and new boyfriend Indie rocker ‘Jonny D’.

Jonny, who she has been dating for around four months, is the lead guitarist in up-and-coming indie band, New Vinyl and is 14 years her junior at 24.

The musician is helping Gail to smile again after her split from cameraman James Lloyd last May.

Gail Blue Hair

The Scottish presenter was joined by her new toyboy boyfriend, Indie rocker Jonny D and six-year-old daughter Honey

Gail, whose hair began to fall  out when she suffered a bout of stress, admitted that her new found happiness could be helping her hair grow back.
She said: ‘I’m getting very hairy so that must mean I’m quite happy now.

‘I’ve got a bit of hair and a bit of a boyfriend and I’m very happy.’

But she also revealed that she struggled to know what to do with her locks, because her hair is only growing back around her crown and not at the front yet.

She told followers of her Twitter page: ‘Don’t know what to do with my dodgy hair! I’m too used to being bald.’

And when they congratulated her she insisted: ‘I love being bald!’

Gail has also bleached her new brunette hair after complaining that she was blonde before losing her locks.

Gail Porter Twitter
It’s back: Gail posted this photo of her hair on Twitter, after bleaching it blonde

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