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George Clooney: Hair today, gone tomorrow?

George Clooney is renowned as being a Hollywood heart-throb worldwide, but even he admits that his popularity and career would flounder without his luscious locks.George recently commented that without his hair “my career will plummet” and that he is going to “make the most of it [his hair] before it falls out” (George Clooney admits: I could be hair today, gone tomorrow)

These comments serve to underline the importance of appearance in one’s career. While most people admittedly do not grace the television screen for a living, appearance is important, with hair being an essential factor in attractiveness.

With even sex symbols like George worrying about hair loss, now is a better time than ever for men to reach out and seek help without feeling ashamed. With The Hair Centre help, hair loss need not be a worry. If and when your locks start to thin, a Westminster Trichologist can help restore them to their former glory. We offer a variety of treatments which can leave men feeling and looking great again.



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