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Getting fat, going bald biggest concerns for Kiwi men


Getting fat, going bald and dandruff are Kiwi blokes’ top concerns when it comes to their looks, a survey has found.

The results showed just under two thirds of Kiwi men, or 63 per cent, were concerned about putting on weight.

Meanwhile, 29 per cent of men said they were worried about having dandruff and 26 per cent were concerned about losing their hair.

Only 17 per cent of men said they were concerned about getting wrinkles and excess hair was even less of a worry, with just 13 per cent of Kiwi men saying being overly hairy upset them.

Nearly half of Kiwi women thought men with a full head of hair were generally more attractive.

Auckland psychologist Sara Chatwin said having hair was closely aligned with many masculine characteristics so when men lose their hair, their self-esteem often plummets.

“Many men define themselves by the way they wear their hair,” she said.

“This may be due to traditional beliefs that suggest hair is associated with virility, social status, strength and youth.

“When their hair diminishes or gets dandruff, men may feel less virile, weak, older and generally less attractive.”

The survey was commissioned by Head & Shoulders to coincide with the launch of its latest men’s shampoo.

Does the threat of baldness worry you? What are your health concerns? Have your say below.

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