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Hair Loss » Blog » Give me a ‘bro-hawk’: David Beckham passes on style tips as he cuts TV presenter’s hair

Give me a ‘bro-hawk’: David Beckham passes on style tips as he cuts TV presenter’s hair

He might be most renowned for his footballing skills, but David Beckham is almost as well known for his different hairstyles.
But the boot was on the other foot when he was asked to cut a TV presenters hair.

U.S. comic George Lopez insisted that the footballer give him a make-over during his television show Lopez Tonight.

Beckham D

Cutting it: David Beckham trims TV host George Lopez’s hair during a chat show

Becham D2

Trim: George Lopez looks concerned as David takes the scissors to his barnet

The LA Galaxy and AC Milan star told him: ‘If you want me to give you some kind of haircut – my mum’s a hairdresser so I’ve inherited that a little bit.’

He then whipped off his suit jacket and went to work trimming Lopez’s hair.

Explaining his many styles, from floppy peroxide curtains to a mohawk, David Beckham said: ‘I just kind of get bored – I wake up in the morning and I don’t like my hair so sometimes I cut it myself.’

Beckham D 3

Mohawk: Lopez asks the LA Galaxy star to give him a ‘bro-hawk’

After a quick run through with clippers, he then tried trimming with scissors.

‘I’m not going to take to much off because your wife will kill me,’ Becks said.

Lopez said: ‘Give me a little gel – I want a bro-hawk like you!’

The footballer also announced to the home crowd that he would return to Los Angeles next year after the World Cup.

‘I’ll be coming back,’ he said, to rounds of applause.

‘I begin playing again in Europe December 28 for AC Milan then after the World Cup I’ll be back here middle of July.’


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