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Graham Norton’s problem page: Hair Loss


The TV presenter and comedian Graham Norton advises readers


Dear Graham,

I was rummaging around in my husband’s sponge bag the other day, looking for a razor, and came across some ominous-looking pills. I made a mental note of the name and looked them up on Google when I got to work. It turns out they’re anti hair loss pills. I’ve always known my husband is sensitive about his receding hairline. We’ve never spoken about it but it’s obviously worrying him much more than I thought. Should I try to tactfully talk to him about it? Tell him I love him regardless? Laura A, Edinburgh

Dear Laura

You share razors with this man and yet you don’t talk about his hair loss? I can’t begin to understand how you could be married to someone and not talk about something so basic.

I’m not sure it is worth starting a dialogue about his forehead growth at this late stage. He’ll be embarrassed that you have stumbled upon his vain little secret, annoyed that you are in his wash bag, and even more paranoid about how noticeable the problem is. I really don’t see the point.

Ultimately this isn’t about you and how you feel about your husband, it’s about how he feels about himself and how he thinks the rest of the world sees him. Hair loss is for men what sagging bosoms and cellulite are for women. Like Samson in the Bible, men feel they have lost some of their virility as they wave farewell to their boyish locks down a plug hole.

Happily men are shallow and lazy so he’ll probably stop bothering to take the pills, and if you pay him a few compliments he’ll forget all about it. Like your husband’s hair, I doubt this problem will be around long.

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