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Male Hair Loss
Male Hair Loss

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Hair Growth Methods: What Hair Replacement Options Are Available Today?


In its early stages, there´s a greater chance of arresting hair loss. The key is to strengthen hair follicles or neutralize follicle-weakening enzymes in the body. But at its later stages, baldness may not be as easily addressed without expensive topical medication and maintaining the ceremonious rigor that attends them. In this case, the treatment may be more focused on hair replacement rather than hair regrowth.
But that doesn´t mean efforts can cease to slow down the thinning process. Unless you have given up all hope to restoring a natural head, both hair replacement and hair growth can be pursued with equal fervor. But for faster results, hair replacement can be your only choice.

There are around 100,000 hair strands on any one´s head. 90% of them grow at about the same time. The balance is often in the resting stage that fall off after a few months and be replaced by new hair. This is basically the pattern of growth that happens to many. But for some people, this cycle of growth and regrowth gets disrupted and the onset of male pattern baldness begins.

Male Pattern Baldness
Androgenetic alopecia is more commonly known as male pattern baldness or MBP that afflicts millions of men at their prime due to hereditary factors. It occurs with over-production of the testosterone enzyme DHT which clogs hair follicle roots, preventing them from getting their protein nutrients to produce hair. Hence, hair strands, deprived of nourishment, grow thinner and finer and the follicles themselves eventually die. When many of these follicles die and the remaining ones only produce fine strands, you get a bald spot. MPB is not curable. It can be slowed down but there are cosmetic procedures that can replace hair.

Hair Plugs
Hair plugs or hair restoration enters the surgical realm where groups of hair follicles from one part of your head, often the back and sides, are taken out and implanted or grafted into the bald scalp area. These follicle groups are what we call hair plugs. In the US, each graft can cost between $4 and $5 on the average. Hundreds of these plugs can be implanted in one to two surgical sessions so it is not uncommon to have multiple surgical sessions to get the bald spot covered depending on its extent. Because the hair plugs come from pre-existing healthy hair, the hairs are more likely to grow in their new location.

Artificial Hair
In its advance stages, a balding head may not even have the right amount of natural hair to provide the hair plugs to cover the bald spots. In this case, artificial hair has been known to give the same look and feel as natural hair. For men who can´t provide enough natural hair plugs, artificial hair has been used as a hair replacement. The same surgical procedure is observed.

With modern advances in synthetic products, hair pieces or wigs can be customized to match your hair color, type and texture so that they look natural – a lot more natural than any in the past. They can be interwoven and blended with your existing hairline that can belie their artificiality. They behave with the wind like natural hair and you can handle them, swim with, shampoo and comb them like real hair.

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