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I have been suffering from hair loss for the last three years.

Most doctors say that it is hereditary and some doctors say that it is due to fungal infection.

I want to know how to stop the thinning and loss of hair and how to re-grow it if I can.


I haven’t examined you but the vast majority of cases of hair loss are due to what’s called ‘Male Pattern Frontal Baldness’. This is principally due to hereditary factors – plus the effect of your natural male hormones.

It isn’t very likely that your hair loss is due to fungal infection – especially as you’ve had anti-fungal treatment, presumably without result.

At present, there is only one way to stop male frontal baldness from progressing and that is to use the drug minoxidil. It is quite expensive, and I cannot guarantee that it will help, but you can buy it in the UK.

I still think it would be sensible to get this checked with your Westminster Trichologist before you start on the treatment.

Yours sincerely

The Medical Team

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