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Hair Loss – Giovanni’s Story Part 2.


Dear Gary

Because of you I am a happy man. At our first consultation, as you know, I was very down and miserable. Being a man, I thought that my gradual hair loss was normal for someone of my age.

When you explained the reasons of my hair loss to me, because of your expertise in these matters, you helped to alleviate my fears of losing all my hair.

After a few visits I began to realise that what you told me would happen, did happen, even though I took some convincing.

The products that you gave me to reverse my condition were easy to use and I had no problems following your instructions.

The results have been remarkable. I am ecstatic and my confidence has returned. I now have a luxuriant head of hair and no longer feel it is necessary to wear a hat in public.

Thank you for your empathy and support.

Yours sincerely

Giovanni  – a very happy man.

PS: Please do not forget the photographs – my friends do not believe me.

For Giovanni’s photographs click on the following link:


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2 Responses to “Hair Loss – Giovanni’s Story Part 2.”

  1. David Says:

    I had suffered from this type of hair loss for over 10 years. I tried every available avenue to resolve my hair loss problem: NHS; Dermatologists; alternative medicine and most of the private clinics in London. I even went to 3 other trichologists before going to see Gary at the Westminster Hair Centre. Quite simply my hair started to recover within a few months and with his advice, treatments and guidance I now have a full head of hair and I am 2 years on from finishing treatments with no set backs. From my experience I know that these people are truly the best. Thank you for all of your time and care.

  2. Gary Says:

    David it is nice to know that your hair is still well maintained. Thank you for your feedback.

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