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Hair Loss – Peter’s Story.

In my mid-twenties I became concerned with the amount of hair I was shedding…in the shower; in bed; at my desk etc. I made some enquiries and had a few consultations. I decided to go with the Hair Centre. They are a small friendly team, with a flexible approach to making appointments, working around busy lifestyles.

Mixing a family history of Male Pattern Baldness with day to day stress and a general dryness to my hair, I was put on a course of treatment.

Within a few months the shedding had dramatically decreased, re-growth had started to take affect, and the hair was looking stronger and healthier. 4 yrs on, there has been substantial re-growth…my hair is tighter, thicker and I am very happy!


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2 Responses to “Hair Loss – Peter’s Story.”

  1. John Says:

    Peter I started treatment with Gary when he was the Clinical Director at the Belgravia Centre in Victoria. He is a very,very good trichologist. He has not only cleared up my scalp disorder that I had for over 10 years, but the regrowth and quality of my hair under his prescribed treatment and diet regime is stunning, it makes me feel and look much younger according to my family and close friends.

  2. Gary Says:

    Thank you for your comments.

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