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Male Hair Loss
Male Hair Loss

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Hair Loss Treatment and Prevention First, Hair Transplants Second.

There have been calls for hair transplant surgeons to refrain from doing surgery on younger men suffering from early male pattern especially after a considerable increase in the number of teenagers coming forward requesting this treatment. In fact men should be extremely wary of undergoing hair transplant surgery too early because it could lead to uneven patterns of hair on your scalp. If the hair is transplanted at a time when there is still a considerable amount of good hair on the scalp and the full extent of future male pattern baldness cannot be determined you could end up with an unsightly appearance.


In fact according to Dr Bessam Farjo you would be much better off using the hair loss treatment which is likely to slow down or hopefully completely stop the hair loss before going undergoing the knife. There is a concern that unscrupulous hair loss clinics could be encouraging young men to have surgery when really they should be trying non surgical medical treatments first.

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In fact men who are worried about future male pattern baldness can even take genetic tests which can predict with a certain amount of accuracy whether they are likely to go completely bald or not. We cannot vouch for the quality of these tests but there is no harm speaking to your Westminster Trichologist about it.

Men should also not panic when they start to see their hair thinning a little bit because it could be just temporary and it may stop after a little while and in fact with the use of the hair loss treatment some men have even regrown hair which they previously had lost.

If you do decide to undergo hair transplant surgery the golden rule is to make sure that you talk to previous patients who have undergone the same procedure with the same surgeon so that you can judge for yourself the results. A good surgeon should have no objection to you contacting previous patients.

Do you have hair loss problems? Find further information on help with hair loss with links to hair loss case studies.

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