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Hair Loss Treatments and Products For Men And Women

Hair loss effects many people, it normally starts for males in there late 20′s. Females can also suffer too but this is less common. How you prevent hair loss or increase hair growth varies, but using Hair treatment products has become increasingly popular. It´s safe and more efficient than more drastic measures such as transplants. How people deal with hair loss differs too. Some seem to accept it but most want to prevent it.

Luckily there are products that can help. Mainly to prevent and or regrow hair back. One of the most effective products to regrow hair contains minoxidil.

Minoxidil is a vasodilator and was exclusively used as an oral drug to treat high blood pressure. It was, however, discovered to have the interesting side-effect of hair growth and reversing baldness, and in the 1980s, Upjohn Corporation produced a topical solution that contained 2% minoxidil to be used to treat baldness and hair loss, under the brand name Rogaine in the United States, and Regaine outside the United States. Treatments usually include a 5% concentration solutions that are designed for men, whereas the 2% concentration solutions are designed for women. It is unknown how the drug stimulates hair growth.

Rogaine or Regaine is not the cheapest of hair loss products but never the less has seemed to prove itself most effective. Unfortunately Like many branded products, theses hair loss products have been known to come to the hands of counterfeiters.

A trusted site for genuine products is ours. Our site offers in-depth information ranging from the upcoming new products, to the more traditional hair loss treatments. The prices are very competitive compared to similar sites.

Laser Combs- The latest Hair Loss product

hmlc.jpg          lasercomb-pack1.jpg

Laser combs are a new emerging hair loss treatment product, being one of todays most advanced methods. Laser Combs are compact versions of the large laser therapy machines used by hair clinics around the world to encourage hair to appear thicker, these special combs attract more blood to flow to the follicle. The results being extra regrowth and a fuller thicker head of hair. Also results can be seen in as little as 5-10 weeks.

Hair loss cannot be completely cured but for most people dramatic results can be gained through various hair loss treatment products. Whether you attempt to hide a thinning crown or to bring back to life those dead follicles we will have a product to match your need.

Do you have Hair Loss Problems, read our Hair Loss Help

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