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Male Hair Loss
Male Hair Loss

Hair Loss » Blog » Hair transplant expert Dr Richard Rogers, of London’s Westminster clinic, says…

Hair transplant expert Dr Richard Rogers, of London’s Westminster clinic, says…



‘John has a classic case of male pattern balding. He has lost hair from both the front and the crown, which means that if it wasn’t for the four hair transplants he’s confessed to he would have a horse-shoe shape of hair growth remaining.

John Cleese

Hair and tear: John Cleese has classic male pattern balding

‘The process of transplanting hair involves taking hair from the back and sides of the head and inserting it to the crown and frontal regions.

‘You literally remove the hair bulbs using a scapel – as you do in gardening – and then implant them where you want hair to grow.

‘First you remove a thin strip of skin before laboriously, and under magnification, teasing out the individual hair bulbs then replanting them in the desired place.

‘The procedure takes between four and six hours under local anaesthetic and costs £4,000 per transplant.

‘The hair takes three months to grow in the new area and most people have to return three or four times before they are happy with the results.

‘The effects are permanent and some complain of soreness after treatment.’

HOW TO IMPROVE: ‘There is a limit to how many hair transplants you can have before it becomes ineffective. If he wanted to improve his look, he could use a hair thickener such as Nanothick or Nanogen Fibres, which would add volume and shine.

‘He could also try dying it a darker colour, as grey hairs can make hair look thinner.’

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