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Hair Transplant Surgery: Does It Work? Will I Be Guranteed A Full Head Of Hair?

Question: Hair Transplant Surgery: Does It Work? Will I Be Guaranteed A Full Head Of Hair?

Answer: The simple and unhappy answer is NO. You end up with a fuller looking head of hair after many costly surgical procedures. The reality of your genetic hair loss situation is that your genetic hair loss pattern will continue and you will need to use hair regrowth stimulants:

1. Stabilise hair loss.
2. Thwart its advance over time.
3. Strengthen any transplanted hair relocated.

This may not be the answer you are looking for as many patients see surgery as the best option as they tire of using medications on a daily basis. Remember surgery is a costly on going exercise.

The drawbacks are as follows:
1. Relocated hair is lost during the procedure.
2. You can only achieve the appearance of a fuller looking front hairline or crown.
3. If you do not like the results they are irreversible.
4. You will never achieve a full head of hair.
5. You will still need to use daily stablisers to prevent further hair loss. 

In saying this there are some very good surgeons out there achieving fabulous results? Identifying the best is a minefield. But from our experience a good place to start would be to take a look at the Bosley Medical Group on

 kenny-rogers.gif   Kenny Rogers

Grafts are transplanted hairs that are removed from one part of the scalp and are grafted, or transplanted, into the balding area of the scalp. Some commonly used grafting techniques are slit grafts, micro grafting and mini grafting.

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