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A hair transplant or surgical hair restoration is a procedure where follicles are surgically removed from one part of the scalp or body and transplanted to another part of the scalp where the area is balding.

Hair Transplant surgery is like all cosmetic procedure where a result is permanent . Its important to research a hair transplant doctor and all the pros and cons of hair transplantation before deciding to have any surgery done.

Our web site enables you to have a live online consultation with hair transplant surgeons to evaluate your hair loss consultation as to see if hair transplants are an option for you.

Reading other people’s hairtransplant questions and answers are also helpful as they may be useful in your search for information about surgical hair restoration.

Another excellent source is information presented by hair transplant doctors at medical conferences which outlines new hair transplant techniques like FUE and body hair transplantation.

Do you have Hair Loss Problems, read our Hair Loss Help

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