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Hair Loss » Blog » Happiness has helped my hair to grow back. By Gail Porter

Happiness has helped my hair to grow back. By Gail Porter


AFTER a giant image of her naked body was projected on to the Houses of Parliament in 1999, the nation thought TV star Gail Porter had nothing left to bare. But five years ago it was her head that was exposed as her hair started to fall out due to alopecia. With the mother-of-one’s blonde locks now growing back, here she tells The Sun how alopecia affected her life.
JUST over five years ago, I noticed a couple of bald patches at the front of my head.
It had happened once before, just after I gave birth to my daughter Honey, now seven.

1999 … a 100ft image of Gail beamed on Parliament for ad stunt
I put it down to hormones and didn’t think too much more about it.
Unfortunately, the little patches became bigger and bigger and within four weeks I practically had no hair left on my head.
Not only that but my eyelashes and eyebrows had disappeared along with all my body hair. I looked like a large baby with big boobs.
It turned out I had alopecia.
The condition is often believed to be caused by stress, but I never really thought I was any more stressed than most people.

1999 … at a London party with nipple ring on display
Yet when I look back I guess I did have quite a lot of stress. I just wasn’t aware of it.
I’d gone through a divorce, post-natal depression and an eating disorder to name but a few.
My last boyfriend cheated on me and I guess I was in a pretty dark place.
I obviously was not best pleased that I was totally bald but there was very little I could do about it other than put on a brave face and get to grips with my condition.
Honey was my strength and kept the smile on my face.

2005 … her hair looks great at a film premiere but alopecia was about to strike
My doctor told me the chance of me getting my hair back was virtually none as I had the worst form of alopecia.
Obviously this was a huge blow, but I knew I was just going to have to get used to being bald.
You can imagine my surprise and delight when last year I suddenly started to get my hair back. I went from a totally hairless girl to a happy person with almost a full head of hair. Not only that, but I met the most adorable guy – Jonny Davies – who I’ve been with for seven months.
Jonny’s the lead guitarist in the band New Vinyl, based in Wakefield, West Yorks.

2006 … sporting a single stripe, Gail refuses to hide hair loss with a wig
We met after chatting on Facebook and now I manage his band and one other, The Headstart.
As well as being adorable, at 24 Jonny is quite a bit younger than my 39. Since meeting him I’ve even taken to watching Cougar Town on Living TV to get tips! I was still completely bald when we met and it didn’t bother him at all.
My hair started to grow back a few weeks after we met and he likes to credit himself for that!
Before we met I had lost confidence, but I didn’t realise quite how much.
I wasn’t working much and most jobs I was offered tended to be appearances to discuss my alopecia. I felt as though I was stuck in a rut.
When I decided to take on managing bands I was rather nervous as I had never done anything like that before.

2007 … she’s wearing specs but by now even her eyelashes have fallen out
But I have met some great people who have been guiding me through, and I’m even taking part in a music managers’ forum.
I’m really looking forward to the festival season and can’t wait to be watching my bands up on stage. Meeting Jonny and becoming a music manager has really boosted my confidence.
Getting my confidence back made me want to work on my presenting career too and to get moving and motivated. New hair, new man, my daughter doing brilliantly at school – it was time for me to sort my work out.
I’ve found a new manager to look after my career so it’s onwards and upwards.
I’m just in a very happy place with a gorgeous daughter, brilliant friends and a boyfriend who loves me very much.
I often get letters from people suffering from alopecia asking if I am taking any medication or doing anything to encourage hair growth.

2010 … Gail’s hair began to grow back after meeting new love, Jonny
I wish I could tell them about some miracle cure but I haven’t taken anything.
People I meet have been so supportive, too. I’m a huge fan of Twitter and when my hair started to grow back I set up the group – #gailsfluffreport – where I would post pictures of my hair progress.
I have just returned from a trek in Vietnam for The Children’s Trust, which helps children with brain injuries and multiple disabilities.
It was a wonderful experience where I met some amazing people, and definitely something I would love to do again.
While on the trek I noticed that I had a couple of hairs on my legs.
That came as a shock as after five years of having a smooth, hairless body I had to start thinking about shaving and waxing.
I’m also not enjoying having to go for a bikini wax again! And my daughter was not that impressed when my hair started to return.

2010 … she goes for the elfin crop and shades look
She liked the fact that I looked different to the other mums.
I don’t know if it will fall out again so I am enjoying every minute of being hairy.
Things are going well and I really hope it continues. My hair is an added bonus that I won’t ever take for granted. And I love that I can moan about bad hair days again!
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