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Hair Loss » Blog » Has redhead Robert Redford, 73, reached for the hair dye?

Has redhead Robert Redford, 73, reached for the hair dye?


Launching his annual Sundance Film Festival in Utah yesterday, Robert Redford looked younger than his 73 years.

While most of his fellow septuagenarians are either grey haired or completely bald, the Out Of Africa actor looks remarkably youthful thanks to his full head of red hair.

His bushy, ginger locks are noticeably redder than the former strawberry blonde hairstyle he had at the height of his fame.


To dye for: Robert Redford showed off his red hair at the opening of the Sundance Film Festival yesterday (left) compared to more prominent grey sideburns he sported at an awards ceremony in Washington DC four years ago (right)


 The way he was: A strawberry blonde Redford in The Way We Were in 1973

The Oscar winner’s copper barnet will no doubt spark speculation he has turned to hair dye to cover up any grey hair.

But the actor’s potential dye job was betrayed by his grey side burns, which looked even more prominent at an awards ceremony a few years ago.

But after spending his whole life in Los Angeles, you couldn’t blame the actor for wanting to look his best amongst his anti-ageing Hollywood peers.

Dressed casually in a green shirt and jeans, it appeared Redford had injured his hand recently after he was sporting a bandage on his right hand.

Redford was speaking at a press conference yesterday to open the 10 day festival, which he co-founded in 1978.

Originally intended to be a showcase for independent cinema, Redford admitted the festival had become more commercial in recent years because of the surge in popularity for indie-style films amongst big Hollywood studio.

In recent years, Sundance has been besieged with reality TV stars and non-acting celebrities, who come for the parties and expensive goodie bags.


 Growing old gracefully: Redford told the press he wanted celebrities, such as Paris Hilton, to stay away from the festival


 Not welcome: Hilton at a party thrown by a body wash company at Sundance last year

Redford cited ‘ambush marketers’ as a low point in Sundance’s history, who were luring less desirable celebrities to the festival with the promise of free designer gear and electronic equipment.

He said: ‘Suddenly, you end up with parties and celebrities and Paris Hilton … and that’s not us. Sundance has nothing to do with any of that.

‘There just wasn’t anything we could do about it. It’s a free country. Now with the economy, these people can’t come back or I hope they don’t come.’

While there won’t be as much freebies this year, unfortunately for Redford, Hilton is on her way to Sundance.

The hotel heiress has come to Sundance annually for the past six years – despite never having a film at the festival, much to the chagrin of Redford.

Writing on her Twitter page last night, Hilton said: ‘Finally finished packing for Sundance. Yay! It takes so much longer to pack for cold places, with all the layers and coats.

‘So excited for Sundance.’

Also at the opening day of the festival was Mad Men star Jon Hamm and Andie MacDowell, who both have films showing this week.

Among the films premièring at this year’s festival include The Runaway, starring Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett, and The Extra Man, starring Kevin Kline and Katie Holmes.


Festival fever: Jon Hamm and Andie MacDowell attended the screening of his new movie Howl last night

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