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Hair Loss » Blog » Have Your Say: Do we take our hair too seriously?

Have Your Say: Do we take our hair too seriously?


Do we take our hair too seriously?
The hair debate has been going on for more than 30 years among women of African descent all over the world. But are we taking our hair too seriously?

The latest conversation revolves around ‘Good Hair’, a new documentary examining the culture of black women’s hair and who benefits – financially – from the sale of afro hair products like relaxers, extensions and wigs.

Hair is big business in Africa. And nowadays, the preferred look seems to be straightened hair over natural, kinky hair. Women who prefer to have weave-ons or relaxed hair are often accused of trying to be European, while natural hair wearers can be perceived as being deliberately non-conformist or religious.

But why does it matter if you buy your hair or grow it? Why do you wear your hair the way you do? What does your hair texture say about you? How much have you spent on hair care for your partner? Would you not hire or date someone based on the way they wore their hair? Are you ashamed of your hair?

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